Robin Forsythe
Pseudonym: Peter Dingwall

Robin Forsythe was born Robert Forsythe in Sialkot, Pakistan. He went to school in Glasgow and Northern Ireland. After school he went to London where he worked as a clerk at Somerset House in London. In 1928, he was arrested for theft and fraud and sentenced to fifteen months. In prison he started to write dective novels. He is the creator of 'Anthony "Algernon" Vereker', an artist and amateur sleuth.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Anthony "Algernon" Vereker' Novels
 1) Missing or Murdered  1929
 2) The Hounds of Justice  1930
 3) The Polo Ground Mystery  1932
 4) The Pleasure Cruise Mystery  1933
 5) The Ginger Cat Mystery (US Title: Murder at Marston Manor [1935])  1935
 6) The Spirit Murder Mystery  1936
 Other Novels
 1) Murder on Paradise Island  1937
 As 'Peter Dingwall'
 1) The Poison Duel  1934