Nell Goddin (Cornelia Goddin)

Cornelia Goddin grew up in Richmond, Virginia. She studied writing at Dartmouth College and has an MFA from Columbia University. She is the creator of 'Molly Sutton', the owner of a B&B in Castillac, France. Visit also this site and this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Molly Sutton' Novels
 1) The Third Girl  2015
 2) The Luckiest Woman Ever  2015
 3) The Prisoner of Castillac  2015
 4) Murder for Love (Also published as: Red for Love [2016])  2016
 5) The Ch√Ęteau Murder  2016
 6) Murder on Vacation  2016
 7) An Official Killing  2017
 8) Death in Darkness  2017
 9) No Honor Among Thieves  2018
Other Novels
 1) A Simple Deduction (e-story)  2015
 2) You Made Your Bed (as Cornelia Goddin)  2018