Heide Goody and Iain Grant
Pseudonym: Millie Ravensworth

Heide Goody and Iain Grant both live near Birmingham. They also co-write in other genres. They are the creators of:
1. 'Cozy Craft Mystery' series featuring Penny Slipper, manager of a sewing shop and amateur sleuth in Framlingham, Suffolk (under the pseudonym 'Millie Ravensworth').
2. 'London Cosy Mystery' series featuring Diana Bakewell, a tour guide and amateur sleuth in London (under the pseudonym 'Millie Ravensworth' with Rachel McLean).
3. 'Sam Applewhite', a security consultant and sleuth.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Cozy Craft Mystery' Novels (as 'Millie Ravensworth')
 1) The Wonderland Murders  2023
 2) The Painted Lobster Murders  2023
 3) The Sequinned Cape Murders  2023
 4) The Swan Dress Murders  2023
 5) The Tie-Dyed Kaftan Murders  2023
 6) The Scarecrow Murders  2023
'London Cosy Mystery' Novels (as 'Millie Ravensworth' with Rachel McLean)
 1) Death at Westminster  2023
 2) Death in the West End  2023
 3) Death at Tower Bridge  2023
 4) Death on the Thames  2024
'Sam Applewhite' Novels
 1) Sealfinger  2021
 2) Doggerland  2021
 3) Sandraker  2021
 4) Tigerheart  2022
 5) Bountyhunter  2022
 6) Jaegermax  2022