D.M. Greenwood

Diane M. Greenwood was born in Norfolk. She took a first degree in Classics at Oxford University and a second degree in Theology at London University. She taught at a number of schools before working for the diocese of Rochester. She retired as Diocesan Director of Education for the dicocese of Rochester in 2004. She is the creator of 'Theodora Braithwaite', a Deaconess and amateur detective in London.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) Clerical Errors  1991
 2) Unholy Ghosts  1991
 3) Idol Bones  1993
 4) Holy Terrors  1994
 5) Every Deadly Sin  1995
 6) Mortal Spoils  1996
 7) Heavenly Vices  1997
 8) A Grave Disturbance  1998
 9) Foolish Ways  1999