Larry M. Harris
Pseudonyms: Laurence M. Janifer and Mark Phillips (with Randall Garrett)

Laurence Mark Harris was born in Brooklyn, New York. In 1963, he took the original surname of his Polish grandfather and changed his name to Laurence Mark Janifer. He also wrote science fiction novels.


Titles and year of publication:

 1) The Pickled Poodles  1960
 2) The Protector  1961
 As 'Laurence M. Janifer'
 1) The Woman Without a Name  1966
 2) The Final Fear  1967
 3) You Can't Escape  1967
 4) Knave and the Game (short stories)  1987
 As 'Mark Phillips' (with Randall Garrett)
 1) Brain Twister  1962
 2) The Impossibles  1963
 3) Supermind  1963