Harry Gregory Hill
Pseudonym: Hylton Gregory (house name)

Real name is Harry Egbert Hill. He wrote novels featuring 'Sexton Blake', a detective modelled on Sherlock Holmes. See also this list for other Sexton Blake authors.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) The Idol's Eye  1921
 2) The Case of the Rajah's Son (Also published as: The Mystery of the Rajah's Son [as by Hylton Gregory 1935])  1922
 3) The Golden Goddess  1922
 4) The Mill Pond Mystery  1922
 5) The Rajah of Ghanapore  1922
 6) The Actor's Secret  1923
 7) In Darkest Madras  1923
 8) The Great Museum Mystery  1924
 9) The Loot of Nan Sahib  1924
10) The Shrine of Kali (Also published as: The Curse of Kali [as by Hylton Gregory 1935])  1924
11) The Hunchback of Hatton Garden  1925
12) The Blackmailed Baronet (Also published as: The Mystery of the Blackmailed Baronet [as by Hylton Gregory 1937])  1926
13) The Riddle of the Amber Room (Also published as: The Sign of the Black Feather [as by Hylton Gregory 1939])  1927