Dean James
Pseudonyms: Jimmie Ruth Evans, Honor Hartman and Miranda James

Dean James has a Ph.D. in medieval history from Rice University and a master’s degree in library science. He also writes under the pseudonyms 'Jimmie Ruth Evans', 'Honor Hartman' and 'Miranda James'. James is the manager of the bookshop Murder by the Book in Houston, Texas. He is the creator of:
1. 'Simon Kirby-Jones', a gay American vampire in a small English village.
2. 'Bridge Club Mystery' series featuring Emma Diamond, a bridge player and amateur sleuth (under the pseudonym 'Honor Hartman').
3. 'Trailer Park Mysteries' series featuring Wanda Nell Culpepper, a waitress and amateur sleuth (under the pseudonym 'Jimmie Ruth Evans').
4. 'Cat in the Stacks Mysteries' featuring Charlie Harris, a librarian with her cat Diesel (under the pseudonym 'Miranda James').
5. 'Southern Ladies Mysteries' featuring Miss An’gel and Miss Dickce Ducote, two snoopy sisters (under the pseudonym 'Miranda James').
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Titles and year of publication:  

'Simon Kirby-Jones' Novels
 1) Posted to Death  2002
 2) Faked to Death  2003
 3) Decorated to Death  2004
 4) Baked to Death  2005
'Bridge Club Mystery' Novels (as 'Honor Hartman')
 1) On the Slam  2007
 2) The Unkindest Cut  2008
'Trailer Park Mystery' Novels (as 'Jimmie Ruth Evans')
 1) Flamingo Fatale  2005
 2) Murder Over Easy  2006
 3) Best Served Cold  2007
 4) Bring Your Own Poison  2008
 5) Leftover Dead  2009
'Cat in the Stacks Mystery' Novels (as 'Miranda James')
 1) Murder Past Due  2010
 2) Classified as Murder  2011
 3) File M for Murder  2012
 4) Out of Circulation  2013
 5) The Silence of the Library  2014
 6) Arsenic and Old Books  2015
 7) No Cats Allowed  2016
 8) Twelve Angry Librarians  2017
 9) Claws for Concern  2018
10) Six Cats a Slayin'  2018
11) The Pawful Truth  2019
12) Careless Whiskers  2020
'Southern Ladies Mystery' Novels (as 'Miranda James')
 1) Bless Her Dead Little Heart  2014
 2) Dead with the Wind  2015
 3) Digging Up the Dirt  2016
 4) Fixing to Die  2017
Other Novels
 1) Cruel As the Grave  2000
 2) Closer Than the Bones  2001
 3) Death by Dissertation  2004