Bettie Jane

Bettie Jane is the creator of:
1. 'Piccadilly Ladies Club Mystery' series featuring Julia Barlow, an elite member of an all-female club and amateur sleuth in 1920s London.
2. 'Thyme for Tea Historical Mystery' series featuring Lucy Brooks, the proprietor of the local tea shop. Thyme for Tea in 1940s Kingsbridge.
3. 'Hettie and Ro Historical Mystery' series featuring two amateur sleuths in the roaring twenties (with Beth Byers).


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Piccadilly Ladies Club Mystery' Novels
 1) Hyde Park Heist (e-book)  2018
 2) Suffragette Sabotage (e-book)  2018
 3) Fleet Street Felony (e-novella)  2019
 4) Marble Arch Murder (e-story)  2019
 5) Covent Garden Caper (e-story)  2019
 6) Tower Bridge Trespass (e-story)  2019
 7) Double-Decker Murder (e-story)  2019
 8) Blackmail at Brunel (e-story)  2019
 9) Murder at the Masquerade (e-story)  2019
10) Hijinks at Highgate Cemetery (e-book)  2019
 'Thym for Tea Historical Mystery' Novels
 1) Thyme for Murder (e-novella)  2019
 'Hettie and Ro Historical Mystery' Novels (with Beth Byers)
 1) Philanderers Gone (e-book)  2019
 2) Adventurer Gone (e-book)  2019
 3) Holiday Gone (e-book)  2019
 4) Aeronaut Gone (e-book)  2020