Gene Lazuta
Pseudonyms: Leo Axler, Alex Kane and Daniel Raven

Eugene Michael Lazuta was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He also writes under the pseudonyms 'Leo Axler', 'Alex Kane' and 'Daniel Raven'. He is the creator of 'Bill Hawley', a funeral director and amateur private investigator (under the pseudonym 'Leo Axler').


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Bill Hawley' Novels (as 'Leo Axler')
 1) Final Viewing  1994
 2) Double Plot  1994
 3) Grave Matters  1995
 4) Separated at Death  1996
 Other Novels
 1) Blood Flies  1990
 2) Bleeder  1991
 3) Forget Me Not  1992
 4) Vyrmin  1992
 As 'Alex Kane'
 1) The Shinglo  1989
 As 'Daniel Raven'
 1) Happy Cage  1989