Martin O'Brien
Pseudonym: Jack Drummond

Martin O'Brien was educated at the Oratory School and Hertford College Oxford. He started his career as a copy-sub, going on to become travel editor of Vogue. Having travelled all over the world, he left Vogue to write All the Girls - a traveller's tale of hookers and whorehouses around the world and then began writing travel/lifestyle features for US publications. He left journalism for a few years to co-write screenplays and start a film production company. After 20 years of living in London, Martin, his wife and two daughters moved to the countryside. He is the creator of 'Daniel Jacquot', a Chief Inspector in the South of France. He also writes under the pseudonym 'Jack Drummond'.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Daniel Jacquot' Novels
 1) Jacquot and the Waterman  2005
 2) Jacquot and the Angel  2005
 3) Jacquot and the Master  2007
 4) Jacquot and the Fifteen  2007
 5) Confession  2009
 6) Blood Counts  2010
 7) The Dying Minutes  2012
 8) Knife Gun Poison Bomb  2015
 9) Talking To The Sharks  2016
 Other Novels
 1) Lunching the Girls  2016
 As 'Jack Drummond'
 1) Avalanche  2007
 2) Dive  2008
 3) Storm  2009