Richard Powell

Richard Pitts Powel was born in Philadelphia, Pennsyvania. He was an author and reporter. He is the creator of 'Arabella and Andy Blake', amateur sleuths.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Arabella and Andy Blake' Novels
 1) Don't Catch Me (Also published as: The Case of the Curious Chair [1944])  1943
 2) All Over But the Shooting (Also published as: Death Talks Out of Turn [abridged version;1944])  1944
 3) Lay That Pistol Down  1945
 4) Shoot If You Must  1946
 5) And Hope to Die  1947
Other Novels
 1) Shark River (Also published as: On the Hook [1954])  1950
 2) Shell Game  1950
 3) A Shot in the Dark (UK Title: Leave Murder to Me [1952])  1952
 4) Say It with Bullets  1953
 5) False Colors (Also published as: Masterpiece in Murder [1956])  1955