Robert Richardson

Robert Richardson lives in Hatfield, Hertfordshire with his wife. He is an author, journalist, and editor. He is the creator of 'Augustus Maltravers', a playwright and amateur sleuth.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Augustus Maltravers' Novels
 1) The Latimer Mercy (John Creasey Memorial Award) (Also published as: An Act of Evil [e-book 2014])  1985
 2) Bellringer Street (Also published as: Skeleton Key [e-book 2014])  1988
 3) The Book of the Dead  1989
 4) The Dying of the Light  1990
 5) Sleeping in the Blood (Also published as: Murder in Waiting [1991])  1991
 6) The Lazarus Tree  1992
Other Novels
 1) The Hand of Strange Children  1993
 2) Significant Others  1995
 3) Victims  1997