Robert Terrall
Pseudonyms: John Gonzales and Robert Kyle

Robert Morton Terrall was born in Neihart, Montana. He graduated from Harvard University in 1936 with a degree in English. He also wrote many novels under the Brett Halliday name, featuring private detective Mike Shayne. He is the creator of:
1. 'Ben Gates', a police detective in New York City (under the pseudonym 'Robert Kyle').
2. 'Harry Horne', a journalist (under the pseudonym 'John Gonzales').


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Ben Gates' Novels (as 'Robert Kyle')
 1) Blackmail Inc.  1958
 2) Model for Murder  1959
 3) Kill Now, Pay Later  1960
 4) Some Like It Cool  1962
 5) Ben Gates Is Hot  1964
 'Harry Horne' Novels (as 'John Gonzales')
 1) End of a J.D.  1960
 2) Someone‚Äôs Sleeping in My Bed  1962
 3) Follow That Hearse!  1963
 Other Novels
 1) They Deal in Death  1943
 2) Madam Is Dead  1947
 3) A Killer Is Loose Among Us  1948
 4) Sand Dollars  1978
 As 'John Gonzales'
 1) Death for Mr. Big  1951
 2) The Magnificent Moll  1952
 As 'Robert Kyle'
 1) The Crooked City  1954
 2) The Golden Urge  1954
 3) Nice Guys Finish Last  1955
 4) A Tiger in the Night  1955