P.J. Tracy

Pseudonym of P.J. Lambrecht and Traci Lambrecht, a mother-daughter writing duo. They are the creators of the 'Monkeewrench Mystery' series featuring Grace MacBride, the founder of Monkeewrench, a game software company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After the death of her mother, Traci continued the series using the joint pseudonym. She is the creator of 'Margaret Nolan', an LAPD detective. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Monkeewrench Mystery' Novels
 1) Monkeewrench (UK Title: Want to Play? [2003]) (Anthony Award, Barry Award, Gumshoe Award)  2003
 2) Live Bait  2004
 3) Dead Run  2005
 4) Snow Blind  2006
 5) Shoot to Thrill (UK Title: Play to Kill [2010])  2010
 6) Off the Grid (UK Title: Two Evils [2013])  2012
 7) The Sixth Idea (UK Title: Cold Kill [2016])  2016
 8) Nothing Stays Buried  2017
 9) The Guilty Dead  2018
10) Ice Cold Heart  2019
 'Margaret Nolan' Novels
 1) Deep Into the Dark  2021
 2) Desolation Canyon  2022