P.J. Tracy

Pseudonym of P.J. Lambrecht and Traci Lambrecht, a mother-daughter writing duo. They are the creators of the 'Monkeewrench Mystery' series featuring Grace MacBride, the founder of Monkeewrench, a game software company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After the death of her mother, Traci continued the series using the joint pseudonym. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) Monkeewrench (UK Title: Want to Play? [2003]) (Anthony Award, Barry Award, Gumshoe Award)  2003
 2) Live Bait  2004
 3) Dead Run  2005
 4) Snow Blind  2006
 5) Shoot to Thrill (UK Title: Play to Kill [2010])  2010
 6) Off the Grid (UK Title: Two Evils [2013])  2012
 7) The Sixth Idea (UK Title: Cold Kill [2016])  2016
 8) Nothing Stays Buried  2017
 9) The Guilty Dead  2018
10) Ice Cold Heart  2019