Chris Ward (Christopher Ward)
Pseudonym: Jack Benton

Christopher Ward was born in Cornwall. He currently lives in Nagano, Japan with his wife. He also writes in other genres under his own name and under different pseudonyms. He is the creator of:
1. 'Slim Hardy', a disgraced soldier turned private detective (under the pseudonym 'Jack Benton').
2. 'Tokyo Lost Mystery' series featuring different protagonists in Tokyo, Japan.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Slim Hardy' Novels (as 'Jack Benton')
 1) The Man by the Sea  2018
 2) The Clockmaker's Secret  2018
 3) The Games Keeper  2019
 4) Slow Train  2019
 5) The Angler's Tale  2020
 6) Eight Days  2021
 7) When the Wind Blows  2022
 8) The Circus Lights  2023
'Tokyo Lost' Novels
 1) Broken (as 'Christopher Ward')  2016
 2) Stolen  2016
 3) Frozen  2018