Iona Whishaw

Iona Whishaw was born in Kimberley, British Columbia, Canada to English parents. She has been a youth worker, social worker, teacher and High School Principal. She lives in Vancouver with her husband. She is the creator of 'Lane Winslow', a former British intelligence agent in the 1940s who flees England to live in King's Cove, Canada. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) Dead in the Water (Also published as: A Killer in King's Cove [2016])  2015
 2) Death in a Darkening Mist  2017
 3) An Old, Cold Grave  2017
 4) It Begins in Betrayal  2018
 5) A Sorrowful Sanctuary  2018
 6) A Deceptive Devotion  2019
 7) A Match Made for Murder  2020