Raoul Whitfield
Pseudonym: Temple Field

Raoul Falconia Whitfield was born in New York. He was an author and silent-film actor. He also wrote many short stories under his own name and the pseudonym 'Ramon DeColta'. He died from tuberculosis in Los Angeles, California.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) Green Ice (Also published as: The Green Ice Murders [1947])  1930
 2) Death in a Bowl  1931
 3) The Virgin Kills  1930
 4) Jo Gar's Casebook (short stories)  2002
 5) West of Guam: The Complete Cases of Jo Gar (short stories)  2013
 6) Laughing Death  2021
 As 'Temple Field'
 1) Five  1931
 2) Killer's Carnival  1932