Steven Womack

Steven James Womack was born in Nashville, Tennessee. He is a graduate of Western Reserve Academy and Tulane University. In addition to writing, he teaches screenwriting at the Watkins Film School in Nashville. He is the creator of:
1. 'Harry James Denton', a private detective
2. 'Jack Lynch', a public relations expert.
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Titles and year of publication:  

'Harry James Denton' Novels
 1) Dead Folks' Blues (Edgar Award)  1993
 2) Torch Town Boogie  1993
 3) Way Past Dead  1995
 4) Chain of Fools (Also published as: Nobody's Chain Lays Straight [2018])  1995
 5) Murder Manual (Also published as: A Manual of Murder [2018]) (Shamus Award)  1998
 6) Dirty Money  2000
'Jack Lynch' Novels
 1) Murphy's Fault  1990
 2) Smash Cut  1991
 3) The Software Bomb  1993
Other Novels
 1) By Blood Written  2005
 2) Resurrection Bay (with Wayne McDaniel)  2014