B.K. Baxter

Pseudonym of two friends living in Texas. They are the creators of:
1. 'NOLA Tail Mystery' series featuring Sir Chonksworth "Chonks" the Bold, a cat and sleuth in New Orleans, Louisiana.
2. 'Yarn-Over' series featuring Ethel and Velma Harmon, two seventy-something sisters-in-law and amateur sleuths in Bliss, Texas.
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Titles and year of publication:  

'NOLA Tail Mystery' Novels
 1) The Great Catsby  2020
 2) The Cat's Sure in the Rye  2020
 3) The Cat of Monte Christo  2020
'Yarn-Over' Novels
 1) Coroner to Coroner  2018
 2) She'll Stitch You Up  2019