Juliet Blackwell
Pseudonym: Hailey Lind

Pseudonym of Julie Goodson-Lawes. She was born in Palo Alto, California. She is an artist and writer. She also writes with her sister Carolyn J. Lawes under the joint pseudonym ‘Hailey Lind’. She is the creator of:
1. ‘Haunted Home Renovation’ series featuring Mel Turner, owner of a construction business.
2. ‘Witchcraft Mystery’ series featuring Lily Ivory, a witch in San Francisco.
3. ‘Art Lover’s Mystery’ series featuring Annie Kincaid, an ex-art forger (under the pseudonym ‘Hailey Lind’, with Carolyn J. Lawes).
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Titles and year of publication:
‘Haunted Home Renovation’ Novels
 1) If Walls Could Talk  2010
 2) Dead Bolt  2011
 3) Murder on the House  2012
 4) Home for the Haunting  2013
 5) Keeper of the Castle  2014
 6) Give Up the Ghost  2015
 7) A Ghostly Light  2017
‘Witchcraft Mystery’ Novels
 1) Secondhand Spirits  2009
 2) A Cast Off Coven  2010
 3) Hexes and Hemlines  2011
 4) In a Witch's Wardrobe  2012
 5) Tarnished and Torn  2013
 6) A Vision in Velvet  2014
 7) Spellcasting In Silk  2015
 8) A Toxic Trousseau  2016
 9) A Magical Match  2018
'Art Lover’s Mystery' Novels (As ‘Hailey Lind’ with Carolyn J. Lawes)
 1) Feint of Art  2006
 2) Shooting Gallery  2006
 3) Brush with Death  2007
 4) Arsenic and Old Paint  2010