Jeffrey Cohen
Pseudonym: E.J. Copperman

Jeffrey Cohen was born in Newark, New Jersey. He is a journalist and writer. He is the creator of:
1. 'Aaron Tucker', a freelance writer and amateur sleuth.
2. 'Agent to the Paws Mystery' series featuring Kay Powell, a talent agent for show biz animals (under the pseudonym E.J. Copperman).
3. 'Asperger's Mystery' series featuring Samuel Hoenig, the owner of the agency Questions Answered (under the pseudonym E.J. Copperman).
4. 'Haunted Guest House Mystery' series featuring Alison Kerby, owner of a guest house (under the pseudonym E.J. Copperman).
5. 'Mysterious Detective Mystery' series featuring Rachel Goldman, a mystery writer (under the pseudonym E.J. Copperman).
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Aaron Tucker' Novels
 1) For Whom the Minivan Rolls  2002
 2) A Farewell to Legs  2003
 3) As Dog Is My Witness  2005
 'Agent to the Paws Mystery' Novels (as E.J. Copperman)
 1) Dog Dish of Doom  2017
 2) Bird, Bath, and Beyond  2018
 'Asperger's Mystery' Novels (as E.J. Copperman and Jeff Cohen)
 1) The Question of the Missing Head  2014
 2) The Question of the Unfamiliar Husband  2015
 3) The Question of the Felonious Friend  2016
 4) The Question of the Absentee Father  2017
 5) The Question of the Dead Mistress  2018
 'Haunted Guest House Mystery' Novels (as E.J. Copperman)
 1) Night of the Living Deed  2010
 2) An Uninvited Ghost  2011
 3) Old Haunts  2012
 4) A Wild Ghost Chase (e-story)  2012
 5) Chance of a Ghost  2013
 6) An Open Spook (e-story)  2013
 7) The Thrill of the Haunt  2013
 8) Inspector Specter  2014
 9) Ghost in the Wind  2015
10) Spouse on Haunted Hill  2016
11) The Hostess with the Ghostess  2018
12) Bones Behind the Wheel  2019
 'Mysterious Detective Mystery' Novels (as E.J. Copperman)
 1) Written Off  2016
 2) Edited Out  2017
 Other Novels
 1) Some Like It Hot-Buttered  2007
 2) It Happened One Knife  2008
 3) A Night at the Operation  2009
 4) Inherit the Shoes (as E.J. Copperman)  2020