Natalie R. Collins
Pseudonym: Natalie M. Roberts

Natalie R. Collins was born in Logan, Utah. She still lives in Utah with her family. She is an author and journalist. She is the creator of 'Jenny T. Partridge', the owner of a Dance Academy in Ogden, Utah (under the pseudonym 'Natalie M. Roberts').


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Jenny T. Partridge' Novels (as 'Natalie M. Roberts')
 1) Tutu Deadly  2007
 2) Tapped Out  2007
 3) Pointe and Shoot  2008
 Other Novels
 1) SisterWife  2001
 2) Wives and Sisters  2004
 3) Behind Closed Doors  2007
 4) The Fourth World (Also published as: Killer Instincts [2012])  2011
 5) Ties That Bind  2012
 6) Latter Day Secrets  2012
 As 'Natalie M. Roberts'
 1) Twisted Sister  2007