W. Bert Foster
Pseudonym: Nicholas Carter (house name)

Walter Bertram Foster was born in Providence, Rhode Island. He was an author and short story writer. He also wrote novels under the house name 'Nicholas Carter'.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) From Six to Six  1927
 As 'Nicholas Carter'
 1) Harrison Keith's Greatest Task; or, An Unbearable Burden  1907
 2) The Last Move in the Game; or, Crime's Horror  1907
 3) Harrison Keith's Time Lock Case; or, A Timely Warning  1908
 4) Harrison Keith's Tact; or, The Puzzle at the Whitehall Bank  1908
 5) Harrison Keith's Crooked Trail; or, The Secret of the Black Pearl  1908
 6) Harrison Keith's Drag Net; or, When Identities Are Changed  1908
 7) Harrison Keith's Weird Partner; or, A Chain of Guilt  1908
 8) Harrison Keith's Strange Summons; or, Blinded by Treachery  1908
 9) Harrison Keith's Fight for Life; or, An Odd Client  1908
10) Harrison Keith's Mystic Letter; or, The Hidden Clue  1908
11) One Step Too Far; or, Nick Carter's Blind Clew  1908
12) A Submarine Trail; or, Nick Carter's Judicial Problem  1908
13) A War of Brains; or, Nick Carter Buried Alive  1908
14) The Man in the Auto; or, Nick Carter's Man-Monkey Trail  1909
15) The Jeweled Mummy; or, Nick Carter's Master Stroke  1909
16) The Vanishing Emerald; or, Nick Carter's Crook Snare  1909
17) A Live Wire Clew; or, Nick Carter's Safety Vault Mystery  1909
18) The Vampire's Trail; or, Nick Carter and the Policy King  1910