Phil Hardwick

Phil Hardwick was born in Mendenhall, Mississippi. He currently lives in north Georgia. He is an author and semi-retired economic developer and college instructor. He is the creator of 'Jack Boulder', a private investigator in Mississippi. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) Found in Flora (novella)  1997
 2) Justice in Jackson (novella)  1997
 3) Captured in Canton (novella)  1997
 4) Newcomer in New Albany (novella)  1997
 5) Vengeance in Vicksburg (novella)  1998
 6) Collision in Columbia (novella)  1998
 7) Conspiracy in Corinth (novella)  1999
 8) Cover-Up in Columbus (novella)  2001
 9) Sixth Inning in Southaven (novella)  2002
10) Letters from Lexington  2007