J.J. Hensley

J.J. Hensley was born in Huntington, West Virginia. He is a former police officer and former Special Agent with the U.S. Secret Service. He is the creator of 'Trevor Galloway', a former narcotics detective and unlicensed private investigator in Pittbsburgh, Pennsylvania. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Trevor Galloway' Novels
 1) Bolt Action Remedy  2017
 2) Record Scratch  2018
 3) Forgiveness Dies  2019
 4) The Better of the Bad  2020
 Other Novels
 1) Resolve  2013
 2) Measure Twice  2014
 3) Vehemence (e-story)  2014
 4) Chalk's Outline  2016