Sofie Kelly
Pseudonym: Sofie Ryan

Pseudonym of Darlene Ryan. She lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada with her husband and daughter. Under her own name, she writes novels for young adults. She is the creator of:
1. 'Magical Cats Mystery' series featuring Kathleen Paulson, a small-town librarian with her two cats Owen and Hercules.
2. 'Second Chance Cat Mystery' series featuring Sarah Grayson, owner of Second Chance, a shop selling refurbished items (under the pseudonym Sofie Ryan).
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Magical Cats Mystery' Novels
 1) Curiosity Thrilled the Cat  2011
 2) Sleight of Paw  2011
 3) Copycat Killing  2012
 4) Cat Trick  2013
 5) Final Catcall  2013
 6) A Midwinter's Tail  2014
 7) Faux Paw  2015
 8) Paws and Effect  2016
 9) A Tale of Two Kitties  2017
10) The Cats Came Back  2018
11) A Night's Tail  2019
12) A Case of Cat and Mouse  Due September 2020
 'Second Chance Cat Mystery' Novels (as Sofie Ryan)
 1) The Whole Cat and Caboodle  2014
 2) Buy a Whisker  2015
 3) A Whisker of Trouble  2016
 4) Telling Tails  2017
 5) The Fast and the Furriest  2018
 6) No Escape Claws  2019
 7) Claw Enforcement  2020
 Other Novels (as Sofie Kelly and Sofie Ryan)
 1) Two Tall Tails (e-novellas)  2016