John P. Marquand

John Phillips Marquand was born in Wilmington, Delaware and grew up in the New York suburbs. He graduated from Harvard University in 1915 and worked as a reporter for The Boston Evening Transcript. He also wrote mainstream fiction and numerous short stories. He is the creator of 'Mr. Moto', a spy.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Mr. Moto' Novels
 1) No Hero (UK Title: Mr. Moto Takes a Hand [1940]) (Also published as: Your Turn, Mr. Moto [1963])  1935
 2) Thank You, Mr. Moto  1936
 3) Think Fast, Mr. Moto  1937
 4) Mr. Moto Is So Sorry  1938
 5) Last Laugh, Mr. Moto  1942
 6) Stopover: Tokyo (Also published as: The Last of Mr. Moto [1963]; and as: Right You Are, Mr. Moto [1977])  1957
 Other Novels
 1) Ming Yellow  1935
 2) Don't Ask Questions  1941
 3) It's Loaded, Mr. Bauer  1949