Emmett McDowell (Robert McDowell)

Robert Emmett McDowell was born in Sentinel, Washita County, Oklahoma. He was an author, historian, and Merchant Marine veteran of WWII. He is the creator of 'Jonathan Knox', an auctioneer and amateur sleuth in Louisville, Kentucky.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Jonathan Knox' Novels
 1) Stamped for Death  1958
 2) Bloodline to Murder (Also published as: The Estate Was Death [e-book 2019])  1960
 3) In at the Kill (Also published as: A Bid on Death [e-book 2019])  1960
 4) Portrait of a Victim  1964
 Other Novels
 1) Switcheroo  1954
 2) Three for the Gallows (novellas: 1 with Jonathan Knox, All She Wants Is Money which was also published as: Meet Jonathan Knox [e-novella 2019])  1958
 3) The Hound's Tooth (as 'Robert McDowell)  1965