R.T. Raichev

Raiko T. Raichev was born and raised in Bulgaria. He has lived in London since 1989. He is an author and researcher. He is the creator of the 'Country House House Crime Mystery' series featuring Antonia Darcy, a mystery writer and her husband Major Payne in London.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) The Hunt for Sonya Dufrette  2006
 2) The Death of Corinne  2007
 3) Assassins at Ospreys  2008
 4) The Little Victim  2009
 5) The Curious Incident at Claridge's  2010
 6) Murder at the Villa Byzantine  2011
 7) The Murder of Gonzago  2012
 8) The Riddle of Sphinx Island  2013
 9) The Killing of Olga Klimt  2014