Kinley Roby

Kinley Edmund Roby was born in Westbrook, Maine. He is an author and former professor in the English Department at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. He lives in Naples, Florida. He was married to crime writer Mary Linn Roby. He is the creator of 'Harry Brock', a private investigator in Florida.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Harry Brock' Novels
 1) Death in a Hammock  2003
 2) Now Comes Death  2005
 3) Two in the Churchyard Lie  2007
 4) Fear Death by Water  2008
 5) Death's Other Kingdom  2009
 6) Death at an Early Age  2010
 7) Death's Long Shadow  2011
 8) The Birds of Winter  2012
 9) Beyond Redress  2013
10) An Anecdotal Death  2015
11) Death in the Dark (e-book)  2016
 Other Novels
 1) Risking Enchantment (e-book)  2014
 2) A Lesser Evil (e-book)  2014