Sarah Shankman
Pseudonym: Alice Storey

Sarah Shankman was brought up in West Monroe, Louisiana. She currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee. She has taught literature and has been a magazine writer, and a magazine editor. She also wrote under the pseudonym 'Alice Storey'. She is the creator of 'Samantha Adams', a journalist and amateur detective.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Samantha Adams' Novels
 1) First Kill All the Lawyers (as 'Alice Storey')  1988
 2) Then Hang All the Liars (as 'Alice Storey')  1989
 3) Now Let's Talk of Graves  1990
 4) She Walks in Beauty  1991
 5) The King is Dead  1992
 6) He Was Her Man  1993
 7) Digging Up Momma  1998
Other Novels
 1) Impersonal Attractions  1985
 2) Keeping Secrets  1988
 3) I Still Miss My Man But My Aim Is Getting Better  1996