Anne Shillolo

Anne Shillolo was born in Canada. She lives in Sprucedale, Ontario with her husband. She is an author and retired teacher. She also writes young adult novels. She is the creator of:
1. 'Cottage Country Cozy Mystery' series featuring Zora Flynn, a local newspaper publisher and her poodle, Rocco in Williamsport, Ontario.
2. 'Murder in Season Cozy Mystery' series featuring Claire Beckett, a Detective Constable.
3. 'Port Alma Murder Mystery' series featuring Holly Towns, a Detective Constable in Port Alma.
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Cottage Country Cozy Mystery' Novels
 1) Poodle Versus the Assassin  2020
 2) Poodle Versus the Mob  2020
 3) Poodle Versus the Killer  2020
 4) Poodle Versus the Yeti  2020
 5) Poodle Versus the Butcher  2020
 6) Poodle Versus the Fake Santa  2020
 7) Poodle Versus the Bikers (e-novella; prequel to the series)  2020
 8) Poodle Versus the Vigilante  2021
 9) Poodle Versus the Outlaw  2021
10) Poodle Versus the Rustler  2021
 'Murder in Season Cozy Mystery' Novels
 1) Frozen Fear  2020
 2) Holiday Homicide  2020
 3) Twister Terror  2020
 4) Weather or Not (e-novella; prequel to the series)  2021
 'Port Alma Murder Mystery' Novels
 1) Goodbye Foxbridge Lane (e-novella; prequel to the series)  2021
 2) Goodbye Port Alma  2021
 3) Goobye Calais Club  2021
 4) Goodbye Sea Angel  2021
 5) Goodbye Haldane Hill  2022
 6) Goodbye Lake Street  2022
 7) Goodbye Sky Field  Due December 2022