L.C. Tyler

L.C. Tyler grew up in Essex. He studied geography at the University of Oxford and system analysis at City University, London. He was Chief Executive of the Royal College of Peadiatrics and Child Health. He is the creator of:
1. 'Elsie and Ethelred Mystery' series featuring Ethelred Tressider, a crime writer, and Elsie Thirkettle, his literary agent.
2. 'John Grey', a lawyer in 17th century England.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Elsie and Ethelred Mystery' Novels
 1) The Herring Sellerís Apprentice  2007
 2) A Very Persistent Illusion  2009
 3) Ten Little Herrings  2009
 4) The Herring in the Library  2010
 5) Herring on the Nile  2011
 6) Crooked Herring  2014
 7) Cat Among the Herrings  2016
 7) Herring in the Smoke  2017
 8) The Maltese Herring  2019
 'John Grey' Novels
 1) A Cruel Necessity  2014
 2) A Masterpiece of Corruption  2016
 3) The Plague Road  2016
 4) Fire  2017
 5) The Bleak Midwinter  2018
 6) Death of a Shipbuilder  Due September 2020
 Other Novels
 1) The Trials of Margaret (e-story)  2017