Max Afford

Malcolm "Max" Afford was born in Adelaide, Australia. He was an author, reporter, radio producer, and playwright. Afford died of cancer. He is the creator of 'Jeffery Blackburn', an amateur sleuth.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Jeffery Blackburn' Novels
 1) Blood on His Hands! (Also published as: An Ear for Murder [????])  1936
 2) The Dead Are Blind  1937
 3) Death's Mannikins (Also published as: The Dolls of Death [1947])  1937
 4) Fly by Night (Also published as: The Owl of Darkness [1942])  1942
 5) The Sheep and the Wolves  1947
 Other Novels
 1) Lady in Danger (play)  1944
 2) Sinners in Paradise  1946
 3) Misschief in the Air (plays)  1974