Ginny Aiken

Ginny Aiken was born in Havana, Cuba and grew up in Valencia and Caracas, Venezuela. She is an author and former newspaper reporter. She lives in Pennsylvania, USA with her family. She is the creator of:
1. 'Carolina Justice' series featuring different protagonists in Carolina.
2. 'Deadly Décor Mystery' series featuring Haley Farrell, an interior decorator and amateur sleuth.
3. 'Mob' series featuring different protagonist who get involved with organized crime.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Carolina Justice' Novels
 1) Danger in a Small Town  2008
 2) Suspicion  2008
 3) Someone to Trust  2009
 'Deadly Décor Mystery' Novels
 1) Design on a Crime  2005
 2) Decorating Schemes  2006
 3) Interior Motives  2006
 'Mob' Novels
 1) Mistaken for the Mob  2006
 2) Mixed Up with the Mob  2006
 3) Married to the Mob  2006