Herbert J. Brean

Herbert J. Brean was a journalist and writer. He was a director and former executive vice president of the Mystery Writers of America. Brean also wrote non-fiction, articles and short stories. He is the creator of:
1. 'Reynold Frame', a journalist-photographer.
2. 'William Deacon', a magazine writer.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Reynold Frame' Novels
 1) Wilders Walk Away  1948
 2) The Darker the Night  1949
 3) Hardly a Man Is Now Alive (UK Title: Murder Now and Then [1965])  1950
 4) The Clock Strikes Thirteen  1952
'William Deacon' Novels
 1) The Traces of Brillhart  1960
 2) The Traces of Merrilee  1966
Other Novels
 1) A Matter of Fact (UK Title: Collar for the Killer [1957]) (Also published as: Dead Sure [1958])  1956