R.T. Campbell

Pseudonym of Ruthven Campbell Todd. He was born in Edinburgh and educated at Fettes College and Edinburgh School of Art. After working as an agricultural labourer, he started a career in copy-writing and journalism. Campbell also wrote poetry and children's books. He is the creator of 'John Stubbs', a professor and amateur sleuth.


Titles and year of publication:  

'John Stubbs' Novels
 1) Unholy Dying  1945
 2) Adventure with a Goat  1946
 3) Bodies in a Bookshop  1946
 4) The Death Cap  1946
 5) Death for Madame  1946
 6) Swing Low, Sweet Death  1946
 7) Take Thee a Sharp Knife  1946
Other Novels
 1) Apollo Wore a Wig  1946
 2) Loser’s Choice  1953