Verena DeLuca

Pseudonym of Sabetha Danes and Nicholi (NAK) Baldron. They live in Marble Falls, Texas with their daughter. Nicholi also writes urban fantasy and science fiction novels and Sabetha also writes dark fantasy stories. They are the creators of the 'Hill Country Mystery' series featuring Hailey Morton, the owner of Aconite Cafe and amateur sleuth in Marble Falls, Texas. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Hill Country Mystery' Novels
 1) A Fresh Brew  2021
 2) A Bitter Cup  2021
 3) Rainbow Mocha  2021
 4) Purrfect Roast  2021
 5) Bury the Cups (e-book)  2021
Other Novels
 1) Once a Cheater, Not Always a Cheater (e-story)  2021