Joanne Dobson

Joanne Dobson was born in New York City. She is a professor of English who has taught at Fordham University, Amherst College, and at Tufts University. She is the creator of 'Karen Pelletier', a professor of English at Enfield College, New England.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Karen Pelletier' Novels
 1) Quieter Than Sleep  1997
 2) The Northbury Papers  1998
 3) The Raven and the Nightingale  1999
 4) Cold and Pure and Very Dead  2000
 5) The Maltese Manuscript  2003
 6) Death Without Tenure  2010
 7) In the Attic (e-story)  2016
 Other Novels
 1) Face of the Enemy (with Beverle Graves Myers)  2012