Charles Finch

Charles Finch was born in New York City. He majored in English and History at Yale University and took a Master’s degree in Renaissance English Literature from Oxford University. He is the creator of ‘Charles Lenox’, a gentleman sleuth in Victorian England. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:
 1) A Beautiful Blue Death  2007
 2) The September Society  2008
 3) The Fleet Street Murders  2009
 4) A Stranger in Mayfair  2010
 5) A Burial at Sea  2011
 6) A Death in the Small Hours  2012
 7) An Old Betrayal  2013
 8) The Laws of Murder  2014
 9) Home by Nightfall  2015
10) The Inheritance  2016
11) The Woman in the Water  2018