P.L. Gaus

Paul Louis Gaus was born in Athens, Ohio. He currently lives in Wooster, Ohio with his wife. He lectures about Amish culture at libraries, bookstores, and literary societies. He is the creator of the 'Amish-Country Mystery' series featuring Michael Branden, a college professor in Amish country, Ohio.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) Blood of the Prodigal  1999
 2) Broken English  2000
 3) Clouds Without Rain  2001
 4) Cast a Blue Shadow  2003
 5) A Prayer for the Night  2006
 6) Separate from the World  2008
 7) Harmless As Doves  2011
 8) The Names of Our Tears  2013
 9) Whiskers of the Lion  2015
10) Stars for Lydia  2019
11) English Shade  2020