Ellen Godfrey

Ellen Rachel Godfrey was born in Chicago, Illinois. She currently lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada with her husband. She is the creator of:
1. 'Janet Barkin', a high school drop out, divorcee and amateur sleuth.
2. 'Rebecca Rosenthal', an amateur sleuth in Toronto, Canada.
3. 'Jane Tregar', a headhunter who finds top executives to fill important, high-powered positions.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Janet Barkin' Novels
 1) Murder on the Loose  1998
 2) Murder on the Lovers' Bridge  1998
 3) Murder in the Shadows  1999
 'Rebecca Rosenthal' Novels
 1) The Case of the Cold Murderer  1976
 2) Murder Among the Well-To-Do  1977
 'Jane Tregar' Novels
 1) Murder Behind Locked Doors  1988
 2) Georgia Disappeared  1992
 True Crime Novels
 1) By Reason of Doubt: The Belshaw Case  1982