David Gurr
Pseudonyms: William Breton and D.G. Courtney

David Hugh Courtney Gurr was born as William Le Breton Harvey Brisbane-Bedwell in London, England but his name was changed by adoption in 1941. He emigrated with his family to Canada and served with the Royal Canadian Navy from 1954 till 1970. He currently lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. He also wrote under the pseudonyms 'William Breton' and 'D.G. Courtney'. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) Troika  1979
 2) A Woman Called Scylla  1981
 3) The Action of the Tiger  1984
 4) On the Endangered List  1985
 5) The Ring Master  1987
 As 'William Breton'
 1) Ten Days to Zero Zero  1989
 2) Countdown  1993
 As 'D.G. Courtney'
 1) King's Cross  1993