Charlotte Hughes

Charlotte Hughes was born in Williamston, South Carolina and raised in Texas. She also writes romantic novels. She is the creator of:
1. 'Kate Holly', a clinical psychologist in Atlanta, Georgia.
2. 'Jamie Swift and Max Holt', a newspaper owner and a millionaire playboy in Beaumont, South Carolina (with Janet Evanovich).
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Kate Holly' Novels
 1) What Looks Like Crazy  2008
 2) Nutcase  2009
 3) High Anxiety  2009
 'Jamie Swift and Max Holt' Novels (with Janet Evanovich)
 1) Full House (originally written as Steffie Hall)  1989
 2) Full Tilt  2003
 3) Full Speed  2003
 4) Full Blast  2004
 5) Full Bloom  2005
 6) Full Scoop  2006
 Other Novels
 1) And After That, the Dark  2004