R.A. Hutchins

Rachel Anne Hutchins lives in North East England with her family. She also writes romance and historical fiction. She is the creator of:
1. 'Baker's Rise Mystery' series featuring Flora Miller, an amateur sleuth in Baker's Rise.
2. 'Lillymouth Mystery' series featuring Reverend Daisy Bloom in Lillimouth, Yorkshire.
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Baker's Rise Mystery' Novels
 1) Here Today, Scone Tomorrow  2021
 2) Pie Comes Before a Fall  2021
 3) Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fondant  2021
 4) Muffin Ventured, Muffin Gained  2022
 5) Out with the Old, In with the Choux  2022
 6) All's Fair in Loaf and War  2022
 7) A Walk in the Parkin  2022
 8) The Jam Before the Storm  2022
 9) Things Cannoli Get Better  2023
10) A Stitch in Key Lime  2023
 'Lillimouth Mystery' Novels
 1) Fresh As a Daisy  2023
 2) No Shrinking Violet  2023
 3) Chin Up Buttercup  2023