Claude Izner

Pseudonym of two sisters, Laurence Lefèvre and Liliane Korb, both booksellers on the banks of the Seine in Paris. They are the creators of 'Victor Legris', a bookseller and amateur detective in 19th century Paris.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) Murder on the Eiffel Tower  2007 (France 2003)
 2) The Père-Lachaise Mystery (Also published as: The Disappearance at Père-Lachaise [2009])  2007 (France 2003)
 3) The Montmartre Investigation  2008 (France 2003)
 4) The Marais Assassin (Also published as: The Assassin in the Marais [2011])  2008 (France 2004)
 5) The Predator of Batignolles (Also published as: In the Shadows of Paris [2012])  2010 (France 2005)
 6) Strangled in Paris  2011 (France 2006)