M.M. Kaye

Mary Margaret Kaye was born in Simla, India. She spent time in India, China, and Japan before moving to London. She joined the society of Chelsea Illustrators and worked as a book illustrator. In the 1940s she moved back to India. In 1942, she married Lt. Godfrey John Hamilton. The next ten years she spent in raising her daughters. Apart from crime novels, she also wrote children’s books and historical sagas. Her most famous novel is The Far Pavilions which took over ten years to complete.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) Six Bars at Seven (as Mollie Kaye)  1940
 2) Death Walked in Kashmir (Also published as: Death in Kashmir [1984])  1953
 3) Death Walked in Berlin (Also published as: Death in Berlin [1985])  1955
 4) Death Walked in Cyprus (Also published as: Death in Cyprus [1984])  1956
 5) Later Than You Think (Also published as: It's Later Than You Think [1960]; and as: Death in Kenya [1983])  1958
 6) The House of Shade (Also published as: Death in Zanzibar [1983])  1959
 7) Night on the Island (Also published as: Death in the Andamans [1986])  1960