Brian McGilloway

Brian McGilloway was born in Derry, Northern Ireland. He studied English at Queen's University, Belfast and is currently Head of English at St. Columb's College in Derry. He is the creator of:
1. 'Benedict Devlin', a Garda Inspector in Northern Ireland.
2. 'Lucy Black', a Detective Sergeant in Northern Ireland.
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Benedict Devlin' Novels
 1) Borderlands  2007
 2) Gallow's Lane  2008
 3) Bleed a River Deep  2009
 4) The Rising  2010
 5) The Nameless Dead  2012
 'Lucy Black' Novels
 1) Little Girl Lost  2011
 2) Hurt (Also published as: Someone You Know [2014])  2013
 3) Preserve the Dead (Also published as: The Forgotten Ones [2015])  2015
 4) Bad Blood  2017
 Other Novels
 1) The Last Crossing  2020