Laurence Payne

Laurence Stanley Payne was born in London. He was an author and actor. He acted in plays, films and television series. He played the lead role in the television series Sexton Blake (1968-1971). He is the creator of:
1. 'Sam Birkett', a Scotland Yard Detective Inspector.
2. 'Mark Savage', a private detective and former film star.
3. 'John Tibbett', a thief turned spy for MI-5.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Sam Birkett' Novels
 1) The Nose on My Face (Also published as: The First Body [1964])  1961
 2) Too Small for His Shoes  1962
 3) Deep and Crisp and Even  1964
 'Mark Savage' Novels
 1) Take the Money and Run  1982
 2) Malice in Camera  1983
 3) Vienna Blood  1984
 4) Dead for a Ducat (Also features Sam Birkett)  1985
 5) Late Knight (US Title: Knight Fall [1987])  1987
 'John Tibbett' Novels
 1) Spy for Sale  1969
 2) Even My Foot's Asleep  1971
 Other Novels
 1) Birds in the Belfry  1966