Todd Ritter
Pseudonyms: Alan Finn and Riley Sager

Todd Ritter was born in Pennsylvania. He currently lives in New Jersey. He is an author, journalist, editor, and ghost writer. He is the creator of 'Kat Campbell', a police chief in Perry Hollow, Pennsylvania. Visit also this site and this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Kat Campbell' Novels
 1) Death Notice  2010
 2) Vicious Circle (e-novella)  2011
 3) Bad Moon (Also published as: Death Falls [e-book 2015])  2011
 4) Devil's Night (Also published as: Death Night [e-book 2015])  2013
 As 'Alan Finn'
 1) Things Half in Shadow  2014
 As 'Riley Sager'
 1) Final Girls  2017
 2) The Last Time I Lied  2018
 3) Lock Every Door  2019
 4) Home Before Dark  2020
 5) Survive the Night  2021